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Transform Poverty Global

“Design for the other 90%”

Our Mission

We promote projects that enable people to lift themselves out of poverty. By educating entrepreneurs on how to design simple market-based businesses, we support solutions that address basic human needs around the globe.

Our Key Focus Areas

Clean Water

Clean water projects are key to improving health and accessing basic human needs, and the single best contributor to getting out of poverty.

Crop Production

Educating communities on how to build a farming business will help feed their village, and encourage involvement for addressing local issues.

Renewable Energy

Clean and alternative energy is a must. Projects with energy alternatives improve climate, land use, home comfort, and community development.


Access to education increases social stability and community empowerment, driving long-term economic growth for both children and adults.

Solutions and Services

We support business solutions to poverty by equipping entrepreneurs with the funding, resources, and strategies they need to succeed.

Program-Related Investment

We promote projects to provide entrepreneurs the funding they need to start and scale their business solution to poverty.

Training and Resources

To educate new entrepreneurs, TPG connects entrepreneurs with mentors, and creates resources that guide them through their project.

Research and Development

TPG supports the research and development of each project, encouraging each one to rely on community feedback and collaboration through listening to others.

Strategies for Best Practice

In addition to business skills and tools, TPG assists in the adoption of best practices for our four key areas: clean water, food production, energy access, and education.

Current Projects

Spring Health helps provide water to rural villagers in India.

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