Auto Rickshaw Project Success

July 2021 Funded: $3500

Transform Poverty Global Clean Water initiatives is sponsoring the Auto-Rickshaw project to expand our work in Odisha, India in 2021. With a final donation in July 2021 we were able to fund the entire $3,500 for the initial project.

Thank you to all the co-sponsors of this project!

Paul Polak’s vision to see solar powered auto-rickshaws quickly paid off by delivering safe, clean drinking water in rural India.

Auto Rickshaw Project Update November 2021:

Earlier we use to hire auto and either pay them on a daily basis or on a monthly basis, which was impacting the profitability of the company and also as a company we were dependent on a third party to provide service to the customers. This would result in uneven delivery timings and also at times last minute no show, which would lead to a chaos as how do the executive complete the delivery for that day.

The project has taken off very well and the company can feel the difference in both the mode of operations.

With the Auto Rickshaw project, the company was able to purchase a second hand auto and ask one of the executives to drive it around on a daily basis. This led to a annual saving of 100,000.00 INR for servicing 3 villages and it also has resulted in timely delivery, no last minute hic-ups and during the free time the company can make use of the auto for its other work and assignments at no additional cost.

With the diesel prices going up in India, it has resulted in the hike in payouts for auto which are on contract with the company and has resulted in a net additional outflow of nearly 70K INR per month.

If in future SH is able to get additional funds to purchase such auto, it would not only be beneficial to the company but will also help regularize a lot of delivery issues and help generate extra income for the company, by leasing out the auto during the day hours.

Auto-Rickshaw Project Mission: To change the concept of water delivery in the rural market and generate income for the village entrepreneurs to achieve the following goals:

1. To make water delivery independent of outsourced delivery
2. To add another source of revenue for the entrepreneur to make them self sufficient
3. To finally migrate to solar power auto and reduce the carbon emission and get Gold Standard certification for auto delivery.


1. Reduce carbon emissions

2. Reduce dependence on third party delivery systems

3. Improve the productivity of individuals and increase efficiency in the delivery process.


1. To determine the feasibility of auto delivery

2. Calculate the time and energy to deliver 300 ten liter jerry cans

3. Calculate the revenue earned and how to replicate in other areas.

With the success of the Pilot phase, TPG is promoting the start of the Auto Rickshaw Model Project to roll out across the other select villages in India.

… our goal towards Last Mile Distribution