Last Mile Distribution

Funding Goal: $3500

Transform Poverty Global Clean Water initiatives hopes to sponsor the Auto-Rickshaw project to expand our work in Odisha, India in 2021. With an initial $2000 donation and several co-sponsors, we now have $2,900.

Join the co-sponsors of this project!

Auto-Rickshaw Project Mission: To change the concept of water delivery in the rural market and generate income for the village entrepreneurs to achieve the following goals:

1. To make water delivery independent of outsourced delivery
2. To add another source of revenue for the entrepreneur to make them self sufficient
3. To finally migrate to solar power auto and reduce the carbon emission and get Gold Standard certification for auto delivery

Paul Polak’s vision to see solar powered auto-rickshaws quickly paid off by delivering safe, clean drinking water in rural India.


  1. Reduce carbon emissions
  2. Reduce dependence on third party delivery systems
  3. Improve the productivity of individuals and increase efficiency in the delivery process.


  1. To determine the feasibility of auto delivery
  2. Calculate the time and energy to deliver 300 ten liter jerry cans
  3. Calculate the revenue eared and how to replicate in other areas

The project would be implemented within 48 hours of receiving the funds and the pilot would continue for 6 months, to understand the goals and objectives and also to design an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) to replicate the same model every where. Initially, to start the pilot the company would require $3500 USD and then for replication of the project, funding would be based on the number of villages where the company plans to replicate.

We’ll report back on progress as the project kicks off in 2021.