Spring Health Solutions for COVID-19

Safe drinking water provided by Spring Health is essential in the frontline fight to protect communities against the virus.

IMPACT DEC 2020: TPG has raised $2600 for Spring Health to deliver small bottles of disinfectant to the families we serve. Your donations are making a difference!!

Spring Health reaching rural populations means fewer infections and healthier communities

Frontline staff are educated on the risks and prevention protocols they must follow to stay safe while continuing to deliver life-saving services. We continue to ensure home delivery of safe drinking water to the populations that depend on our service the most.


Clean drinking water is #1 contributor to good health above all else, without it is the leading cause of death.


We help rural families get clean drinking water and disinfectant at the last mile to villages.


Spring Health served 29,597 families before COVID-19 and can reach up to 21,500 with your help.

$2 WILL PROVIDE A FAMILY CLEAN DRINKING WATER FOR A MONTH. Spring health serves the poorest rural populations of India, partnering with local entrepreneurs to provide affordable water.

Achieving sanitization and disinfection

Spring Health’s decentralized production of chlorine through electrolysis is an affordable sustainable and vital defense of communities at risk.  Spring Health currently produces 90 liters of full strength hypochlorite solution a day, which can then produce 900 liters of disinfectant, enough to disinfect all 250 of the villages we currently serve.