The Help & Serve Foundation is dedicated to help the neediest of families in Gujarat, India.  With the current lockdown situation in India, these families are not able to get the groceries and protective gear that is needed to help prevent COVID-19. 

One of the biggest scare factors people are facing is the threat of not having oxygen, which is why people are flooding the hospitals. If families were able to have an Oxygen Concentrator available for 3-4 days during the hardest times, the overload at the hospitals can be alleviated.  People are afraid and depressed because of the constant ambulance sirens. We Can Help!

Mask Distribution

On the occasion of Republic Day, the Help & Serve Foundation distributed masks in Nadiad bus station and nearby areas Gujarat India.

Grocery Kits

During this Corona pandemic, a job is very difficult to find, so the grain grocery kit was distributed by our Help & Serve Foundation to the needy families in villages and urban areas.

Saree Distribution

To share the joy of Christmas, we distributed grain grocery kit and sarees to needy families in Halmudi village taluka Vasda Gujarat India.

Project Love Gujarat

  • To provide monetary support for the Help & Serve Foundation to continue to deliver masks, gloves and groceries to the neediest of families in Gujarat India. 
  • To purchase Oxygen Concentration machines that are available for 75,000 Rs, which is approximately $1000 US.  Along with the machines, we will need to sanitize the machines and provide new hoses and masks for the next family.
  • To provide mental support and counseling as people are broken.


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