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Inspired #2

Paul Polak’s Family & Friends: I met Paul about 40 years ago and have worked for him in various capacities ever since.  He has always been amazing with his goals of helping people and expanding their opportunities. When I first met him he was still working as a psychiatrist but had ideas other ideas for […]


Paul Polak inspired so many of us who follow his work, his teaching, his life story. We will be sharing these remarkable stories, told by the people Paul inspired. Are you one of us? Share your story for future ‘Inspired” posts at Here is our first inspired story by a new friend in Australia […]

The Importance of Education

Education plays a vital role in our everyday lives. Schooling grants the ability to read street signs when you’re lost and know if you have enough money in your wallet to buy groceries. Literacy and other basic skills are not a guaranteed part of life for millions of people. One-quarter of the youth population in […]